Everyone wants its own rules


The context where are rules, allows a proper development of any activity, without stress, without damages, and without nerves stretched to the maximum

Although we want more than ever to live our lives according to the disposal of the moment, there is no progress and we can't live efficiently in society without rules. Everyone hates rules, anyone speaks about the modification of the rules, but without them it happens propose something and to result something completely different, or worse, it may bring to nothing. Even the Parliament modifies the same law, every time when the minister is changed, and he is changed often. That is because everyone wants his own rules.
Imagine for a moment that we go by car on a road on which we have no rule, a road where we can move and on the opposite way too, in intersection you can go without taking in account the other persons who travel, there is no priority in the traffic...which are the consequences? Accidents! Serious accidents, casualties and huge damages. The traffic signs have their purpose...
The context where are rules, allows a proper development of any activity, without stress, without damages, and without nerves stretched to the maximum. To follow the rules is not something hereditary, it doesn't come from itself, but it is something that has to be educated, is something learned with effort. One of the first methods of educating children involves teaching the child to follow a set of rules and to understand the consequences arising from their violation. "Rules are made to be broken," says a word born from frustration for those who do not want to live according to the rules, and if we look closely in our society, we can see that the consequences are according to the violation of the rules.
eProdu team aims to act according to the rules, in a market with few rules. It's out-of-date to be all legal and to pay all taxes to the state, but we will do it. Is fashionable today to work without having an employment contract and there are cases where it appears a sum of money on the contract and in reality is not the same sum, but we won't do that, every contract will have written on it the real sum of transaction.
In the "on- line "environment, the existence of rules is almost a utopia. On the internet is possible to talk everything, to do everything you want, or to defraud as much as possible. If in television there is a institution called CNA, which establishes a set of rules, on the Internet we don't have such a thing, the on-line financial transactions are increasingly difficult to verify, and the fraud possibilities are endless. Milton Friedman, an American - Jew, professor of economy, summarizes this very well: "The most important way in which the Internet will change things is that it will be more difficult for the government to collect taxes."
In this endless tangle of promises and illusions, eProdu offers " road signs " which are respected, offers legality , paid tax to date and an accurate financial approach of transactions. It is possible to have profit and also to be in legality? Is it possible a fair and legal mediation in business, without any combinations of which to be ashamed later? We say YES! What about you?
Author: Ghita Vlasin by eprodu.com
Translated by: Naomi Crisan by eprodu.com